Vilzinga Inc.

Orlando, Florida, USA

Vilzinga is a completely new approach for listing real estate online. In addition to providing a comprehensive online tool, a fair fee structure and ongoing exchange of information, there are several other potential perks Vilzinga will provide such as group purchasing power, access to local verified supplier directories, rental market statistics and a number of other valuable and cost saving possibilities.

CREATIVE SERVICES: Over the last two years, Baustein’s web development group has been creating front-end design solutions for Vilzinga. We have been working closely with Vilzinga’s founder and the back-end developers located here in Toronto and overseas.

What started out as a small project has since turned into a large scale website design and user-experience (UX) project. Baustein is responsible for all ‘UX’ related tasks, design and layout of every web page, email blasts, blog + content support and various social media integrations.