VentureLink Funds

Toronto, Canada

With approximately $190 million under management, VentureLink’s VL Advisors Inc. manages a diversely invested labour-sponsored funds (‘LSIF’). The management team was a pioneer in bringing funds focused on Mezzanine debt to the LSIF market, a conservative approach that provides investors benefit from the security of debt positions along with the growth potential of participating equity.

CREATIVE SERVICES: Up until 2011, when the venture capital industry, due to newly imposed government regulations, began to decrease in popularity, Baustein worked directly and exclusively with VentureLink’s CEO and its marketing team on all aspects of their brand. We created VentureLink’s logo, stationery and identity package, various marketing and sales support materials, website and email blasts. Baustein also maintained their quarterly materials and fund facts and prepared those for the VentureLink sales teams.