Unirope Ltd.

Toronto, Canada

Unirope is an ISO 9000 certified company, specializing in Lifting Products since 1956, which supplies High Performance Wire Rope, Standard Wire Rope, Non-Rotating Wire Rope as well as brand name products like PYTHON® and COMPAC® to the natural resources, automotive and other industrial customers. Unirope is one of North America’s largest Wire Rope and Lifting products manufacturer and supplier.

CREATIVE SERVICES: Unirope is one of our longest standing industrial clients. What started out as a small website redesign turned into a massive, large-scale web project. Today, the site contains over 1,000 very detailed product pages and is being used by Unirope’s staff as an online catalogue, enabling its staff to quickly navigate to any specific product while being on the phone with a customer. In addition, we created their brand image, making sure every new piece fits in nicely with the rest of the brand. Over the years, we have created not only the website but also international ad campaigns, posters, handouts and templates for all their literature.