nanoCAP Partners Ltd. (case study)

Toronto, Canada

nanoCAP Partners is a venture capital/growth equity fund investing in select Canadian and U.S. companies. Target sectors are natural resources, energy and the environment and micro-electronics. Potential investments will be in companies that provide advanced materials and advanced manufacturing solutions that apply nanotechnologies. (Due to reasons outside of our control, nanoCAP failed to obtain all necessary regulatory requirements and thus, unfortunately, caused this venture to shut down)

CREATIVE SERVICES: We were working directly with the CEO and the marketing team to create a brand image around this new Venture Capital Firm. A fast moving start-up with ‘billion dollar potential’, all materials had to be created within a very short timeframe. Our creative team worked around the clock to create logo, website and email blasts; we also created Powerpoint presentation templates for their national and international business trips, identity and stationery package, fund facts sheets and other fund launch materials.