“All businesses, no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design” – as seen on Forbes.com

We couldn’t agree more with this statement. We also believe it takes more than a great company logo or a nice website to drive business growth. It is about consistency and clever implementation.

Over the last ten years, Baustein has evolved from a branding & design focused agency into one that is dedicated to helping businesses focus on growth by implementing a simple marketing plan while continuing to provide excellent creative services to support your sales and marketing efforts. Baustein is not just another service provider but rather an integrated key player on your team.

Marketing and design, if done right, is one of the single most important investments you can make. Period! Marketing needs to become a cohesive part of the day-to-day business. The process begins by identifying needs. Only then can we determine the best course of action.

Many companies focus on what they do best and don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to market their business. Unfortunately, without consistent marketing efforts, their sales will ultimately suffer. This is where our team can add tremendous value by implementing simple directional changes or by tapping into ‘untapped’ opportunities. Our clients trust us to do what we do best, strengthening their company image and increase brand awareness.

To illustrated a company’s marketing effectiveness, we utilize a simple charting model:

Baustein Matrix

There is no single ‘one solution fixes everything’ approach. It requires a thorough plan to address potential short falls, tap into opportunities, all while aligning your budget with the most urgent plan of action. In many cases, we break these initiatives down into phases to ensure marketing budgets overlap overall business planning.

Today, consumers – your clients – expect a certain level of professionalism from everyone they do business with. With various (media) channels available to reach your audience, it is important to focus on the ones that most of your target audience can be found without neglecting some of the other channels. A proper positioning analysis will help identify ‘where to put your money’ and where to put more effort when it comes to deploying new campaigns.

One of the most important things to remember is to be consistent with your messaging, language and visuals. But it won’t magically happen over night. A properly implemented marketing plan requires ongoing refinement. Not one company scores 10/10 (see Fig. 1) on every channel but if we can help you move up 2-3 points, that would certainly increase your company’s exposure and increase brand recognition and essentially drive revenue growth.

Billing & Retainer

Business leaders know that marketing can be the driving force for business growth but it can be overwhelming for business owners who are too busy with day-to-day operations. You can’t do it on your own and you may not have an in-house marketing team to help you. You’re not alone! That’s what we’re here for. We are your (offsite) marketing and design team and can attend monthly or quarterly meetings to provide you with ongoing support and guidance.

Baustein has developed two main billing models:

  1. Traditional per project rates (dependant on scope and size of project; min. project size: $1,000.00; typical: $5,000.00 to $15,000.00).
  2. Retainer (preferred billing model for larger, ongoing projects; min. project size: $18,000.00; typical: $40,000.00 and up; min. term: 1 year). Retainer clients receive a reduced hourly rate and priority service. Your Advantage: Access to an Entire Team
  3. Maintenance contract: this is not ‘a billing model’ per se but rather a lower annual contract, billed monthly, for maintenance and ongoing projects such as website updates, email blasts, monthly print or online newsletters, etc.

Please contact us for more details about our billing options.

Baustein's Advantage

  • We understand that anything we do has to serve a greater business purpose.
  • We can confidently say that we have long-standing working relationships built on trust and mutual respect.
  • We pride ourselves in being your ‘external in-house department’ rather than just another service provider.
  • We produce high quality, professional materials that add value to your business and we never miss deadlines.
  • We are honest and dependable and utilize a transparent, fair billing model.
  • Our retainer clients enjoy access to a team of creative professionals by sharing the cost of resources.
  • We have extensive experience working with a wide variety of national and international clients in various industries.
  • Most importantly, we are in this together and our main goal is to help your business succeed.

Time to look at your marketing … it’s an opportunity for growth!

If Baustein sounds like the creative partner you’ve been looking for then let’s talk!